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At the start of the Rio Olympics I hailed America’s first gold medalist, crack-shot Virginia Thrasher. This week I delved into the irrational fear of guns and hatred of freedom held by so many feminists. I find the total lack of praise for Ms. Thrasher from groups like NOW disconcerting though not unexpected.

Joe Briggs heaps the deserved praise on another American shooter – Kimberly Rhode. Rhode isn’t just world-class, she’s timeless. She is one of only two people out of 184,869 all time Olympians – and the only woman – to medal six times in six different games. You haven’t heard bout her because she wields a shotgun rather than a tennis racket or a soccer ball.

Kimberly Rhode is so well-known in shooting circles that the Winchester Repeating Arms Company of New Haven, Conn., developed a special shotgun shell just for her, with a load that reduces the recoil on her overtaxed right shoulder. Here’s a wow fact for you: Kimberly is one of only four people pictured on a Winchester ammunition box since the founding of the company in 1855. The other three are company founder Oliver Winchester, Teddy Roosevelt, and John Wayne.



Taki’s Mag.

One would think feminists would go crazy (crazier than normal) over such a standout athlete who is of their preferred sex. They don’t. They, like the communists in government, the lap-dog media, and the dishonest and useless IOC, hate guns. Guns equal free people and free people are bad for the plans those groups share.

Briggs also mentions another woman, Zhang Chan of China, who in 1992 demonstrated such incredible command of the shotgun as to upset the world order of shooting. She actually lived up the feminist’s little girl taunt “anything you can do, I can do better”. Silence from the left ensued.

These are great examples of guns being used, without revolution, to upset the new world order. We can all learn a little and be inspired by them. We need to praise our heroes and recognize our enemies.

Congratulations Ms. Rhode! Keep shooting for the stars – and at the commies.