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I saw this meme/chart on the Facebook:


The Three Percenters/Facebook.

I’m a little skeptical about the exactness of numbers allegedly compiled as recently as June 15th of this year – those usually take a few months or a year to coalesce. However, they are inline with general trends and stats that I have researched in previous years, even to report here. I hereby grant them statistical validity for my purposes. Please note these are for the first half of the year only.

The ditzy feminist provides perfect commentary: complacent and even gleeful as to 640,000 deaths of politically correct origin but aghast that a few are killed by firearms.

Like most SJWs and liberals, feminists tow the hard-line for gun controls. For them the subject is supposedly about empowering women and preventing domestic violence. The Second Amendment = domestic violence. They’re right about some of their numbers of gun deaths (dishonest on most). My point is that those numbers pale 100 to 1 against other deaths that feminists violently champion.

Their dishonesty involves turning a blind eye not only to babies but to men. Even Huma Abedin’s former radical Islamic employer admits that men are the majority of domestic violence victims (concurring with the CDC and the EU). The truth must not interfere with the agenda. And the agenda is disarming the people.

The shriekers and hand-wringers pay no attention to the huge number of lives saved from criminals by guns every year. They either don’t understand or don’t care about the net effect. They certainly don’t care about despotism. If the Second Amendment equals domestic violence, then an absence of the Second Amendment equals domestic tyranny. As soon as any dictator takes power, from Stalin to Mugabe, thousands or millions always die – from guns, state guns.

If the idiots cared about human life, they might start by addressing the major causes of death and suffering. They don’t and they will not. They hate men and detest women. they serve only their god, the almighty government. They’ll just keep shrieking in their illogical fantasy world. Allow them no control.