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Nature’s stingray is an animal unassuming and yet not to be trifled with. One killed famed crocodile hunter Steve Irwin. The lesson for surviving around these beautiful fish is to leave them alone.


National Geographic.

The police have a device, a surveillance tool, named after the humble stingray. This insidious peace of technological malice mimics cell-phone towers. It tricks your phone into communicating with it. Once a link is established the stingray can listen to and record conversations and search through stored data. All of this is generally accomplished without a warrant.

The ACLU is a mixed bag. On the one had they champion many causes which seem at odds with American societal fabric – or, at least the fabric of the of the former country. However, they also consistently target out of control police state tactics. Thus, they have an active, searchable map of which agencies have these devices and how they are used. Please consult the map to discover whether you might be at risk.


American Civil Liberties Union.

WE, who value freedom, owe the ACLU for producing this service.

Efforts are afoot to legislate limit on how the Stingray and related machines are used. Most of those will fail. Even if they succeed, the technology will change and cause further problems.

Cellular transmissions are considered “open-air” and can usually be intercepted without a warrant. Technically, anyone with the right equipment could access the subject information. There are really only two ways to beat this terror. One, encrypt calls and information. This is difficult and increasingly illegal. The other way is to limit phone activity and to shield the phone from transmitting or receiving signals when not in use. This is possible but burdensome. There is a third way – don’t have a modern phone – but that is rather self-defeating.

For now, just beware that more and more criminal government agents are able to eavesdrop on you.

**I noticed the ACLU has an Election 2016 page. I looked at it. The first thing that caught my eye was this picture:



Look at those two faces. This perfectly captures the essence of the Great Quadrennial Black Mass. Ha!

Of course, after the picture, the ACLU takes Hillary over Trump. That’s their right. I just love the sour-puss pictures.