This story has proven popular for several months. It’s a vindication of the cigar hobby and an expose on more government lies. Smoke ’em up!


Two of my major themes here are that I: 1) hate government in all its evil lowliness, and; 2) I love cigars. Today I have greater reason to champion both of these worthy ideas.

The FDA is waging all out war on the premium cigar industry. Stupid law after draconian regulation threaten to disrupt if not kill the family of the leaf. It’s all part of the government’s larger war on freedom. They hate us, seeing us as little more than cattle to be milked of taxes until we die. Die will shall some day but not due to our cigars.

Cigars are bad, lies the state, because of children and health and safety and other BS – all of it dead wrong. It seems that the FDA has in its possession an in-house study which shows there are no significant health risks associated with smoking 1 – 2 cigars

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