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I’d like to say hello to all of my new visitors and everyone around the globe.

So: Welcome! Welkom! Dobrodošli! Vítejte! Welkom! Tervetuloa! Bienvenue! Willkommen!  Yôkoso! and Sveiki atvykę!

This site is based in the United States. It frequently features themes of Western Civilization. Still, somehow, it has gained an audience around the world. I like to think of it as global madness. In the past four years I’ve had visitors from around 100 countries on six continents (not sure WordPress tracks Antarctica).

The other day I noticed that had the Anglosphere covered:


I suppose NZ took that day off.

Then, later, I dug a little deeper. Here’s a recent comprehensive map:


I think that one covers 91 countries. Not bad although I would love to pick up Iceland. China seems like a good market too. Sadly, I am not read in Iraq, Afghanistan, North Korea, or Somalia.

Being somewhat Amero-centric, the vast majority of my views come from my own nation. Surprisingly (or not) my next largest concentration is in and around the Caribbean. That would be my cigar friends. The DR and Nica account for more traffic than all of my third largest contingent – Europe.

Here are my top twelve countries:


Hello out there! I have no idea how this site is translated abroad. Google I suppose. I’m just glad to have you.

I offer special greetings to my new preparedness audience. Preppers aim for freedom and that’s my main theme here, if one can overlook (or appreciate) cigar commentary and periodic zaniness.

What else? Through yesterday I had 686 live posts here. 687 now. My most popular category (and those are rather broadly defined) is “News and Notes”. The most frequently used “tag” is “America”. The most popular post for 2016 so far is A Den of Vipers and Thieves. I once knew the most popular post of all time but I have misplaced that…

2016 is already the biggest year yet and by December I look to surpass all previous years’ traffic combined. Thanks for being a part.

Your humble host,