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Years ago, new into my legal career, I was eager to help as many people as possible. I was also active in a wonderful church. I consider a particular church “good” if it: is faithful to the Gospel and the early traditions of The Church; is led my a personable yet strict priest, and; is composed of decent parishioners. These things usually go together but not always. Sometimes they are all lacking – a bad church.

Anyway, I volunteered constantly in a variety of ways, to include a little pro bono legal counseling when necessary. My success and happiness led me to contact Catholic Social Services of Atlanta. I thought that there, with them, I could help the maximum number of people. I wasn’t just thinking law either.

By telephone I spoke with a director of something, a jovial enough seeming woman. We agreed to meet one afternoon and discuss what they were doing and how I could help.

We met at a fast food place somewhere between Marietta and Woodstock; I can’t remember exactly. At first the meeting seemed to go well as she told me about what she did and the organizations needs de jure. I then took the opportunity to explain my philosophies and what I thought I could do to help.

Some of our brief conversation centered on race and how a large portion of Services clients were lower-income blacks in the city. I took that as a cue for me to speak my mind on the subject. I said something along the lines that Dr. King had wanted to raise everyone up together – all races improving in harmony to accomplish new wonders. That is what he wanted, his dream.

I then noted how the government and various interests had done everything possible to give the appearance of integration while insidiously conspiring to lower all people down past the current lowest denominator. That was how you could have black mayors, city councilors and legislators (no Barack at that time), and black celebrities and executives and still have a hopelessly mired black underclass. Worse, I went on, the system was dragging down whites and everyone else.

Helping everyone shake off oppression and rise up was my goal, I told her. It was obviously the wrong thing. I said some other stuff but I had lost her. It was clear that I did not, would not, fit the agenda.

I’m guessing she was an SJW – a shrieker interested in prolonging problems in order to keep her job and to have something to shriek about. The thought of actually solving the problems horrified her as did my criticism of the government and the “system”.

I know now that CSS is an SJW organization. Sure, your local office may be honestly interested in helping society. But the big city branches and the national front are only interested in advancing a liberal, anti-American, anti-freedom agenda. They are deep into a host of social problems including, but not limited to, importing radical Islam into America and the West. It’s as big a scandal as the sex abuse cover-ups. It needs to be rooted out.

Heck no, I wasn’t a good fit. Our meeting ended awkwardly. They never returned my calls. I suppose we were better off without each other.

Then, today, I read about a racial attack in Cleveland, Ohio. It brought the above back to memory.

It seems that a group of seven young white men were walking the street when they were attacked by a gang (also of seven) who chanted “Black Lives Matter!” The gang beat down the walkers and then robbed them and ran off. The chant was a mere cover call for robbery – nothing to do with social justice at all.

Interestingly, the gang was interracial – five blacks and two whites. See their mug shots (six of the seven have been arrested):


News 19, Cleveland.

How wonderful! Black and white thugs coming together! Post racial America at its finest.

This is exactly what I was talking about twelve (?) years ago. Thirteen? (Long time). Instead of coming together for something positive, too often the races unite for debased criminality. This incident is not anomalous. It is pathetic.

I also find the success of a numerically even odds encounter a little strange. I suppose the victims were seven modern American men – weak. Then again, maybe they were all surprised. Maybe weapons were involved. Still, I’m not entirely sure I could have taken the whole gang alone but I know I could have at least made a dent in them.

Wouldn’t it be great if people would wise up and act civilized? Just act it if they can’t be it. Wouldn’t it be great if decent people fought back? I’m done with trying to “help” through corrupt organizations. Now I will just bring stories like this to your attention. Those who can make good out of it will. I’m helping.

In the near future (soon, soon, I promise) I’ll have my personal anti-terrorism book out. The main title is, for now, Fight Back! It will cover protecting oneself from ISIS agents as well as from street thugs like the above-pictured ramble.

We also need to fight back against those who have actively worked to retard society and lower all groups into helpless victim-hood and misery. They’re as bad as ISIS or worse.