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This weekend a wedding party in Turkey was destroyed by a child bomber. Fifty people are dead courtesy of ISIS. I hesitate to call the young carrier a suicide bomber because I do not know how or if he was convinced to participate. Also the bomb was remotely detonated.


Mirror, UK.

This is not a new tactic but it hasn’t been seen (or seen often) outside the central, Middle Eastern conflicts. Once ISIS stumbles upon an effective weapon, they tend to use it again and again.

I warned about this earlier this summer. On July 18, 2016 I wrote Things They Might Want To Ban (For Safety).  I was half serious, half mocking then. I noted that bombs should be banned, even though they already are. Then I wrote: “[Ban] Children (banning our move pitiful victims means there won’t be any to pity!)”.  Then I was concerned with children being shot, stabbed, or run over. I didn’t consider the attack angle.

The West uses children in war too, frequently as targets though sometimes for propaganda. This poor little fellow has made the rounds lately:


The fruits of war. The Sun.

Many are appalled by the picture of suffering. Still, others (in power) will use it to justify more war and, thus, more victims.

I suppose some in the camps of official evil will see this latest attack, like all, as an excuse to try to ban our guns. They will not consider banning idiotic warfare, incessant meddling, nor unchecked immigration. They too reuse their tactics repeatedly.