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Government and guns go together like Stalin and genocide, literally. Anytime a state decides to opt out of its monopoly on force and allow people their freedom, unhindered, it is a good thing. The only losers in such a situation are tyrants, petty dictators, beaurocrats and other criminals, and crazy people.

In Atlanta House Bill 859 is steaming towards becoming Georgia law. It would decriminalize the (permitted) carrying of firearms at state higher educational institutions…once again…that, and so much more USED to be legal and normal in the Peach State and across America (even without a permit).

The legislation passed the House, 113-59, on February 22nd. It now goes to the Senate, having been approved without changes by the Senate Judiciary Committee. The full Senate should ratify it and Georgia’s Governor has indicated he will sign it into law. Come next fall Georgia campuses will be safer places. Everyone is happy. Well, not everyone.

Sniveling editors at various newspapers, still mourning the loss of the Soviet Union, are upset. Communists take liberty with their disdain for liberty. The yellow journalists are not alone.

University System of Georgia Chancellor Hank Huckaby, who needs to be fired, and University of Georgia President Jere Morehead, who needs to be fired, are both against H.B. 859 and against freedom in general.

Huckaby testified before the Senate Judiciary Committee (loser, ha!) His opposition to freedom is “supported by the experience of campus presidents and campus public safety departments, who are closest to the day-to-day reality and operations of the state’s public colleges and universities.” Lies, all of it. If he testified under oath, he should be prosecuted in addition to being fired. People like Huckaby and Morehead are as far from reality as is humanly possible.

Morehead echoed Huckaby’s hammer and sickle opinions in an email to the UGA community. I suggest he head up a University somewhere that has real gun control…somewhere like North Korea.


Milquetoast Morehead. Garrett Leffelman, The Red and Black.

There, sadly, are nuts outside of academia. Consider the case of Carol Allen of the Georgia chapter of Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America, or “batshits” for short. The mons are mad – insane, rather. Their motto is “It’s time for gun sense in America.” This seems hypocritical as these mad moms know nothing about guns, have no sense, and lack an understanding of America.

Carol may be madder than most. Following her defeat in the Judiciary Committee she brazenly paraded herself before the membership, pointing her finger and threatening those who voted for freedom. I hear she was laughed to the street.


Carol Allen, crazy person. Ajc.com.

We should all laugh a little. Not at the mentally unstable – that isn’t kind. Instead, let us laugh at the minions of tyranny as they lose this and other battles. I’ve written on this subject before. We’re winning. They’re losing. They’re mad. Cuckoo.