Back in January I said I was getting back on the fitness bandwagon. I’m on. I’ve dropped from 199+ to 191 pounds. Almost halfway to my happy weight. I’ll be there by Masters. My pants fit again. I feel better.

Actually, right now I feel like I’ve been hit by a truck. The diet is working perfectly. I’m still a little haphazard in my workout routines though. That will work itself out as soon as the weight is off and I decide where I’m taking this program. Right now, when I go, I go all out. Two hours in the gym today and I beat the mess out of myself.

In fact, I hit it so hard I actually turned down a cigar review assignment. Friends, that has never happened! I’m either very disciplined or crippled. I vote for crippled.

Anyway, in the near future look for my professional opinion of the Sindicato Maniac 7×70 by Corona Cigars. It looks like a smaller, lighter Lunatic of JFR make. Like I told the tobacconist today, “Meeh…bif..nebb….pass……” My apologies to everyone.


Corona Cigar Co.

More later. Gotta find some protein.