This summer Texas college campuses will become safer places. A law is going into effect then allowing students, professors and others to carry firearms at schools without illegal government interference. Criminals are not happy. One B. Soetoro, expressed the concern of the element, “I’m trying to build a safe place … for Sharia. We can’t do that with the apostates heavily armed. This is terrible.”

Steven Weinberg isn’t happy either. The UT Austin physics professor has vowed to ban guns from his classes – acknowledging he will be breaking the law. Weinberg is confident he will be vindicated in court on the grounds that armed civilians somehow interfere with his freedom of speech. The man teaches physics, not law, so his confusion is partially explained. His education will likely be very costly both to him and the university.

Both may be held liable not just under Texas law but also federal civil rights law (42 U.S.C. 1983 perhaps) for violating the Second Amendment rights of his students. It’s amazing he thinks one of his freedoms trumps the freedoms of others. His acts, if committed, will constitute oppression rather than civil disobedience.

I understand and respect civil disobedience which is merely doing what is right in spite of technical prohibition. For example when I attended college in another century the law technically prohibited me from carrying weapons on campus. I disregarded this foolishness because the (concealed and unnoticed) expression of my rights did not infringe upon the rights of others. Weinberg on the other hand wants to use his position (color of law?) to quash the liberty of others.

Then again I doubt a limp-wristed liberal professor will have any success oppressing armed Texans. I’m not sure if this story is more alarming than hilarious. Sadly, though, it is not unique in modern American academia.

University of Missouri professor Melissa Click shares Weinberg’s liberal obsession with oppression but, obviously, not his respect for the First Amendment. A recent campus protest attracted the attention of a student reporter. Reporters report on things like that. People like Click don’t like the dissemination of information (very odd for a communications professor).

After verbally chastising the reporter Click laid hands on him in her zeal for savagery and silence of the press. She has been charged with assault. If she keeps her job maybe she can incorporate the incident into her class as an example of how not to communicate. “Use your words, class, not your hands.”

Back in Texas the state is laying hands on reporters too. Recently a team of investigation journalists made a documentary about the barbarous, vampiric, Satanic practices of Planned Parenthood. As a result a Texas grand jury was convened to investigate the multiple child murders and other crimes of “choice.”

Planned Parenthood already has the federal government, all branches, in its bloody pocket. It now has a Texas grand jury too. Not only did the jury exhonorate the killers but they indicted the reporters on arcane and incomprehensible felony charges. Of course the jury, supposedly independent, was under the thumb of the local district attorney. Of course the DA was a Republican. Republicans are allegedly pro-life. Lies and corruption abound.

This case highlights the complete failure of the American grand jury and “justice” systems. Any government that protects child killers and prosecutes those who decry the crimes is unfit. Any society that tolerates such madness does not deserve to exist.

More madness manifested in Oregon. There protestors took over a vacant federal facility to make a peaceful point about land rights issues. The government put down the protest with lethal force. “Liberals,” usually supportive of any protest, cheered. These protestors were armed white men. Professor Weinberg must have been elated by the news. “Law and order” “conservatives” cheered also as the police dealt harshly with technical criminals.

Around 1970 Eric Holder and his black panther friends staged the exact same kind of armed protest. He was rewarded by eventually becoming Attorney General. The leader in Oregon was rewarded with a bullet. Topsy turvy.

As AG Holder helped arm criminals and terrorists like drug lord El Chapo. Criminals stick up for one another. Maybe it’s time decent people who believe in freedom, civility, and protecting the innocent to do the same.