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A woman in Kentucky is the real life Wonder Woman. I’m not sure if she’s a mom but the title fit well with my headline and with yesterday’s post. She certainly is mighty. This unidentified heroine was shopping at a mall when she encountered a disturbed man. The thug chased her to her automobile and attacked her therein.


UK Dailymail.

Malls are like college campuses and other public places in that people have a desire to frequent them with an expectation of safety. Criminals and their enablers disrupt the expectation. So it was that evening in Kentucky.

Unlike Carol Allen and the mad moms, this particular lady didn’t rant and rave to a Senate committee about specious guarantees of safety in exchange for her freedom. Instead she exercised her freedom and carried her safety with her in her purse.

Once the cretin had her pinned inside her car she produced a pistol and shot him twice. That terminated the attack. The woman went home. The thug, John Ganobick, went to the hospital and then to jail. He later appeared in court sporting a thrachea tube.



This kind of story plays out every day, every hour, in America. Each day some 3,000 good people use firearms to prevent crimes – usually without actually shooting anyone. It happens in malls, schools, homes, everywhere. You normally don’t hear about it in the American press because they have an agenda. They and their government want to disarm the people. The fact that guns save lives doesn’t help them and their cause.

You’ll note this story, from Kentucky, was reported by the British media. Many of the things I cover are chronicled in the European press, especially from England.

The Brits, having largely surrendered their right to self-defense, seem fascinated with Americans exercising our rights. They also seem a bit more objective than their counterparts in the U.S.

There’s a lot of hope in this story. Maybe the woman will inspire others to defend themselves. Maybe John Ganobick will come to Jesus while in prison, thus emerging a better man. Maybe some other thug will think twice before attacking another woman. Maybe the British will regain their stolen liberty. Maybe the mad moms and university whimps of America will go away and leave us free and happy. Just maybe.

Don’t be mad. Be mighty.