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As I predicted this month H.B. 859, Georgia’s “campus carry” legislation, has passed both houses of the General Assembly. Now the bill has hit an unexpected iceberg of Titanic proportion – Governor Nathan Deal. Deal, who once feigned convincing support for the law, says he may veto it unless several modifications are made.

Most recent photo of Gov. Deal

Deal, a snail among slugs. Georgia.Gov.

Deal’s statement of timidity:

March 14, 2016

The governor’s office released the following statement in response to “campus carry” legislation passed by the General Assembly:

“As a lifetime defender and staunch supporter of Second Amendment rights, Gov. Deal has signed every pro-gun bill to reach his desk. However, he believes legitimate points have been made in regards to certain aspects of the ‘campus carry’ bill and he calls on the General Assembly to address these concerns in related legislation before Sine Die. Specifically, these areas of concern include dually enrolled k-12 students who leave school to attend classes at a university or technical college campus, as well as daycare centers on these same campuses. Deal also believes the governing boards of universities and technical colleges should have the discretion to set reasonable rules regarding disciplinary hearings and faculty and administrative offices. Addressing these issues is an important step in ensuring the safety and freedoms of students, faculty and staff in our institutions of higher learning throughout our state.”

        – Press release.

The problem is that Sine Die, crossover day, is rapidly approaching and there may be insufficient time for a re-do in the legislature. A corrective, secondary bill is technically plausible. It is also unnecessary.

Deal, who needs to be fired, is caving to the demands of whimps like UGA President Jere Morehead, who needs to be fired, and GSU President Mark Becker, who needs to be fired, and lunatic mad moms, as well as Georgia’s thriving criminal lobby.

The governor’s first two objections are incomprehensible. High school students and children in daycare would not be allowed to carry under the law. These young people are frequently surrounded by and made safer by adults carrying guns – at home, restaurants, malls, parks, etc. Why deny them the same protection at college campuses? Why trample the already overburdened rights of adults allegedly on the behalf of the youth?

The third concern caters to a power play by the likes of Morehead and Becker, who should both be fired. Giving discretion to college administrators in such matters is akin to giving a loaded gun to a toddler. There will be casualties. As babes have an understandable lack of judgement concerning weapon safety so beaurocrats have a demonstrated inability to grasp due process. Civil liberty is at risk.

The solution is for Deal to do his job (or resign from it) and sign the Bill. You can urge him to do the right thing. Call him, if you will, at (404) 656-1776. Tell him to man up or get out.