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Earlier today I wrote a charming piece about the political landscape of modern America. It contained, among many other tidbits, a link to my Posse Comitatus article.  In today’s ramblings I was a little hard on the public and their beloved political parties.  My apologies.  As a token of peace I offer you a figure and candidate I feel would be a wonderful choice for President!


(Frank the Frog approves this message.)

His name is Frank.  He lives under the kitchen window.  He’s reserved.

True, he may not be old enough to run.  Then again, when was the last time the law counted for anything?  Frank’s birth certificate and past are none of your business.

I realize that many of you might not like the idea of voting for America’s first Amphibian President.  You bigots…  I’m not even sure Frank wants the job.  He has one now that he is very good at – he eats flies.  Please don’t hold Frank’s lack of unproductive employment against him.  It’s just his nature.  Also, kindly overlook his lack of other qualities folks these days associate with electoral qualification: he doesn’t play the saxophone; he doesn’t use drugs; he doesn’t drink and drive; he doesn’t hide emails (don’t think he owns a computer).

Well, heck, now I’m starting to reconsider…  Frank lacks the energetic charisma of a John Kerry.  He does not have the svelte athleticism of a Chris Christie.  His IQ is probably too high.  Again, he’s known to quietly go about his business and work without bothering anyone (except the flies).

Forget it.  Frank is not Washington material.

Question of the night: If a politician goes to a whorehouse, who then is whom?

Facts of the evening: this has already been the biggest day in blog history (thanks!); I write a lot that never sees the light of publication – I’m working on that; this is the 223rd post to the old blog (223 is an important number when dealing with the government); Frank the Frog owes nothing to the Federal Reserve/money-industrial complex (poor guy could never get elected).

Amidst my writings I am crafting what will be the longest of all my articles here.  When finished – soon I hope – it might be suitable for publication as a book.  Yes, another book I might publish…  In part it is a book about a book.  I hope you’ll read and consider the message I give.

Good night and good reading!

–  Perrin