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This evening I sat down for an interview with the most delightful personality in politics, Frank the Frog.


Frank reposes at the study window.

Mr. Frog disclosed a great deal of his aspirations and campaign platform to me. I will post either a transcript or a dissection (oops, sorry Frank) in the near future. Rest assured this composed gentlefrog makes more sense than anything who might have heard from the alleged “front-runners”. Here is but a glimpse of the ingenious insights and plans Frog has for our nation:

The Economy: Frank says, “The fly industry is suffering. Frogs…people are suffering. We need more flies.”

Immigration: Says Frog, “[They] come to America for flies. Like moths to a flame – except it is with flies.”

Terrorism: Frog declared, forcefully, “We will defeat the Serpentine Peril! … We will make this a safer, more be-flied world.”

The new Twenty Dollar Bill: “Why not a green face for a greenback? Why not Kermit?”

The Election: Pondered Frank, almost to himself, “You’re going to waste your vote. Waste it on me.”

I truly wish I had time to bring you more now but you will have something to look forward to! Prepare to forget all about Hrump or Trillary or whoever.

Frog humbled me with a special request. He wants me to help him complete and publish his manifesto, Frankly Speaking. Turns out he is too small to properly operate a keyboard. We laughed. To say I am honored would be an understatement.

Stay tuned to this miraculous development in an otherwise dead-as-usual election cycle.

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