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[Perrin Lovett] – Double-Hitter: Democracy in America & Tolerating Totalitarian Tolerance

Democracy in America: A Charming Children’s Story

(Originally published Sunday, May 17, 2015 at www.perrinlovett.me).
I wrote this one a while back. M.B. always liked it and he’s been hounding me to repost it here. So, here goes. I reread and, in addition to still seeming funny, it’s still relevant. A few minor changes have been made to the body; at the end, you will find a short “update” commentary. Enjoy.
Last week I mentioned that an election was coming.  I also presented my own favorite candidate – Frank the Frog.  Frank will not win and the election is in vain.  Vote if you care. I don’t.
The Illustrious Barry Hussein El Islam Muhammad Obama the Magnificent has finished the job begun by his predecessors – the country is in ruins.  For his replacement, the Democrats have dug to the very bottom of the bag of wrinkled has-beens, to one Hillary Clinton, the wife of “good times” Bill, the Slickster.
The Republicans have other, similar ideas.  They would foist upon the people yet a third member of the Bush clan.  Obviously, the people are okay with two families maintaining a grip on national power for two or three or five decades.  Their business. Is there some national obsession with rats and roaches of which I am not completely aware?

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