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As A Narrative Crumbles


I cobbled this opening portion in after I initially loaded and scheduled the post. It’s somewhat important. But, as I’ve been repeating myself for over two years now, I’m a tad “over” it.

It appears that the slow-thinking masses are beginning to come around to the fact that the C19 “pandemic” was, as I called it in the winter of 2020, a HOAX. All of it: the weak engineered bug, all the cover-ups and distractions, and especially the death jabs. A hoax, a war, and assorted war crimes. The people, faithless and stupid as ever, couldn’t get enough of it. Now, as more of them (the survivors) realize what’s been done to them and what they have done to themselves and their children, they will be both remorseful and angry. Yes, something must be done! To that end, a few points:

It’s still not over! Stop going along with it. I never took the jab, took a test, or even wore a mask because I saw through the lies from the get-go. Wherever you’re at, just stop!

When doing that “something,” it will be critical not to allow any leadership positions for those who idiotically went along with the narrative. They’re retarded, and mentally-compromised people just don’t get anything accomplished. If they (you?) wore a mask, took the damned jab, bejabbed your kids, and/or preached that others should do the same, then they (you?) are more than a little wicked and extraordinarily stupid. It’s high time, passed time that they (you?) shut up and let intelligent people who believe in and are protected by God try to fix the mess. I know it’s hard to have sympathy for these idiots, but we should try. We’ll help them in spite of them.

Things that will not work: more of the same, laws, ordinary criminal prosecutions, lawsuits, hot air, white papers, voting, Republicucks, Demoncrats, Libertardians, etc. This is a war, with war crimes, and wars are won by fighting them. And, by “war” and “fighting,” what I mean is war and fighting.

What will work: I propose a Special Military Operation, specifically regarding the C19 war, and in general, to de-globalize and de-satanize America and the West. Got the idea from a friend. Any of the termites that escape the big tent treatment can be rounded up, prosecuted, and then burned alive. It’s a developing idea, that I’ve already become tired of, and that I may explain further.


In my defense, I’ve been a little busy with other things. I’ve essentially written or rewritten three novels in the past three weeks. I’m a little tired. In your defense?

Here’s a rerun of sorts: from two years ago, July 12, 2020: UKRAINE, RUSSIA, and THE REST. It’s also a chapter towards the end of GET OUT! And, despite the fun and games of this year, I still stand by the assessment. No, obviously I do not want good young people moving into an active war zone. But that part of the war(s) will end sooner or later (probably sooner). And, as I wrote in 2020:

These are two great and proud countries. They are not without issues. Think of it as trading one form of uncertainty for another, but in two places where the people and their lands will outlast the problems they face.

It’s still true. And it’s still in harsh contrast to the USSA, where neither the people or the land may survive. The point of my book was to get worthy American kids to safety so they don’t have to suffer through the horrendous civil war we have now entered. Whatever you think about how bad things are in Ukraine, you ain’t seen nothing yet. 

Note: I’ve adjusted my assessment of Poland down a little this year, as they’ve been acting extra retarded lately. That too, will sort itself out. Time may have just about run out, but I’m still proud I wrote what I did. I hope it helped someone. Anyway…

Some extra reading:

Michael Hudson is on a roll regarding the debts that are a huge part of the decline of the US and the greater West. Read his latest remarks:

Michael Hudson: The End of Western Civilization – Why It Lacks Resilience, and What Will Take Its Place

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That’s more than enough for today and this week. I may have an announcement in re PPN and FP on Friday or maybe next week. More soon. Happy week!