Read THIS. Read all the linked material too.

The vaxx-heads can’t honestly say they were not warned. They will, but there’s the honest part.

The bad news, for the purebloods, is that all of the crippled retarded heathens will expect us to take care of them. And, given the way they were deceived in their utter faithless stupidity, I suppose a modicum of understanding and compassion is in order. If they can’t admit they were wrong – and they probably won’t – they could at least keep rather quiet as a sign of gratitude for our compassion.

The good news is that, in workplaces and general society there will be a lot fewer gullible dullards to put up with. We should take advantage of it. But we must never fall for the lies of the deceivers when they come to us and tell us they committed their crimes for our benefit. They are as much (or more) our enemies as they were to the idiots they managed to fool, kill, or sicken. No compassion for them, unless a rope or fire is compassionate.