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How Big Are the Larger U-Hauls?


About a year ago, I penned a column about balkanization in the US and developing events that proved somewhat popular with, among others, a group of White Nationalists in Arkansas. They, it turns out, were unsurprisingly not popular with a certain group dedicated to honoring the memory of a convicted child rapist and murderer. Maybe that’s why the Nationalist site went the way of Chateau Heartiste? And no, I’m not so sure how they, either party, react to my continuing appreciation for a certain Gadot. No worries, all the way around.

However, this past week, balkanization was back in the news, part of an official plan of the neocons or whatever controls the dark state behind Brandon’s fake government. The big difference? Well, I’ve been writing about the breakup of the US. The luciferian loons are talking about Russia, specifically about carving the Federation into five or six manageable parts. Guess who would do the managing??? Yes, they’ve been talking about it, and they keep putting the talking points in writing. Sadly, the Babel-builders have hit a terminal roadblock in the form of Vlad, the SMO, hypersonic missilery, Mir-CIPS, and the rest. NATO’s losing war on Russia is the worst thing to happen to them since Xi rejected the Great Leap. Better luck next time, globos.

It may end up being centuries hence, but odds are, there will be a “next time.” These types always have plans. And plans behind the plans. And counter-plans. Schemes. Pastor Chuck Baldwin recently wrote a smart piece on another, most improbable-sounding scheme, of moving Israel to Ukraine. Read that if you’ve never heard about the concept. I have, and like the “moral and strategic imperative” of slicing up Russia, I think the SMO has squashed it. For now. Also, read Two Hundred Years Together, by Solzhenitsyn – if one can find a copy in one’s language – for background. Yes, Baldwin is correct that deluded American Scofield Churchians wouldn’t miss a beat in supporting Neo-Khazaria in place of Apartheid Palaestina. Yes, this plan involves the skin-in-the-game Zionist Nationalists, not the USian Diasporan leapers. Yes, I’ll bet MB is glad this one isn’t a CFF submission. Yes, as-is Israel is closer than many think to becoming a failed state, and as I keep saying, Bennett, Lapid, or someone had better figure something out pretty fast. No, the plan, to the degree it really existed, won’t work now. Not unless the western part of future Ukraine, Banderastan(?), would allow it. If Poland and Romania would allow that. And wouldn’t that dynamic be interesting?

The greater concept of this column is about the movement of peoples. Movement, under mostly-peaceful circumstances, is possible, if allowed. Maybe if encouraged. Nine million Israelis were not always in Palestine. Nor would they magically reappear in the 404. Were the Russian Federation broken up, some movement of people would be necessary between, say, “Komi” and “Sakha.” Under Stalin’s reorganization system of Republics and Oblasts, partly based on ethnic divisions, and which has perhaps worked better than might have otherwise been, people had to back up and move. It works that way, migration. Sometimes it takes a while. The demographic reordering of the US has seen 80-100 million Not-Americans relocated to America in the past 50+ years. Under a similar plan, the past 20 – 30 years, millions of Africans, Arabs, and Asians have moved into Europe. Sometimes it doesn’t take a while. In just a few months this year, the SMO has seen 7 – 10 million Ukrainians move around within and without Ukraine. Anything is possible.

I thought of these possibilities when I looked at two maps last week, one by the Daily Mail and one by the Wall Street Journal. Both showed the breakdown of US states in terms of child murder legality in the wake of Dobbs. One would have to notice patterns and groupings. I’m not sure about you, but I saw potential Rump States. There are many other considerations but some starting boundaries are there for those who want to see them.

That means, or it will mean, at some point, that many people will have to pack it up and relocate—

Oh, the Midterms! I forgot. Sorry. (Maybe, this time, try some women and foreigners?) Okay, so wait until next summer when the latest electoral failures start becoming obvious, and then—

Right! Hold onto hopes for 2024! “Q” is back, so maybe Trump isn’t far behind? Trust the plan?

Eventually, all but the most ardent reality deniers will have to admit that things are broken and cannot be fixed under the old legal framework. The old political boundaries, however, might still be useful. How, exactly, will this work out? I have no idea. I’m tempted to draw up a map of future nations, but literally no one would like it at this point. And I’d honestly be drawing blind. The great news is that the US is vast and there’s plenty of physical room for everyone. Divisions are already forming without any overtly-expressed intent. How about a sovereign land for each and every people? A grand idea. For the diehard ‘Muricans, I even foresee a continued “Constitutional Republic!” Aka, Columbia! Those maps revealed a distinct area consisting of the Mid-Atlantic and the Northeast with Illinois as an outlier. I’d look for New England, or part of it, to depart sooner or later, followed by further separation. But for a little while, Boomers, CivNats, Neocons, and others would have an exceptional place to be proud of diversity, usury, illiteracy, hoaxes, and the rest of it. 

Me? I really have no idea – that I’ll share. It’s not about me. It’s about us, all of us. And I’d like to see all of us compartmentalized happily and without resort to a massive and utterly destructive civil war. That too is an option. In fact, as I see them, there are three options. One, an amicable divorce and friendly coexistence in the aftermath (I am a romantic). Two, a war the likes of which is rarely seen, something to make WWII look a little tame. And three, more same old, same old and a lackluster reversion to some kind of hunter-gatherer existence, something to ultimately make the worst parts of the current third-world look advanced. 

I’m for Number One, because we’re Number One! Remember that if a chant breaks out next week on or about the Fourth! Ex multis, multis.