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A few conversations lately, with some otherwise intelligent and presumably decent people, lead me to believe that most people just won’t, don’t, or can’t get it. War is in progress and the fate of the world hangs in the balance. Pick a side. READ THIS.

And, since we are at the forefront of a hybrid war, we can really assume that the war with the West is going on for the fate of humanity. And the West today has no image of the future. Universal chipization, artificial intelligence and dehumanization, LGBT people, the destruction of the family, the termination of all forms of human identity – this is an image of death, not the future. This is what the West brings us. Since we are in direct confrontation with him, we can assume that we are really fighting for the preservation of humanity.

Conservatives, in particular, are amazing people. Amazingly stupid or gullible, that is. For decades, they cried (correctly) about the collapse, the degradation, and the rise of the new world order. Then on one cold February day, one man and his armies started systematically dismantling the entire NWO and all its evil. And what did conservatives do? Most of them sided with the globalists and the evil ones. They continue to whine, vote Republitard, and do nothing. Their dismal contributions to humanity do not warrant preservation.