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Amerika’s Summer of Continuing Balkanization


*A little early this week.

Happy summer 2021. The season technically rolled in yesterday, which was also Father’s Day. The multiple festivities came on the heels of the first official federal celebration of Juneteenth. The United States, very much like the late-stage Western Roman Empire before it, is awash in holidays. The unstoppable fracturing of the country might as well be viewed in terms of competing festivals.

Nearly 245 years ago, the original Americans broke free from the grip of an English King. Historically, the Posterity, those people descended from the nation’s founding stock, have celebrated the event as Independence Day, July Fourth. Concerning the day and much else, many things changed over the years, especially during the last fifty years. Posterity Americans shrank into a minority. Very soon, latter-day, make-do Americans will likewise become minorities in their own country. The really stupid ones join with the not-Americans in celebrating these facts. 

Heritage America, what remains of it, may rightly take pride in the former independence enjoyed by so many generations of free, Christian Europeans in America. What remains. Former. The truth is, today, almost no vestige of independence in or from anything remains between Mexico and Canada. And anyone who dares to assert the great Western ideals of freedom and civility is roundly criticized, attacked, silenced, or marginalized. 

To the unwashed, illiterate masses, the 4th of July has become just that – another day to loaf, gorge, imbibe, boast in hollow fashion, babble about faded fabrics and scraps of paper they don’t and can’t understand, and to watch colorful fireworks displays. Honestly, at this point, it’s just as well.

So it is that Independence Day, celebrated by different classes of people for different reasons, is still somewhat of a barometer measuring at least an image of a semblance of a shadow of once-mighty Columbia. Even now, the needle drops precipitously. Other celebrations, obscene but perhaps more appropriate, rise as the old nation falls.

Father’s Day, worthy in its own right, is yet one of many holidays semi-conjured and propped up by Madison Avenue. Selling greeting cards is harmless enough and dear old dad certainly enjoys the new socks. Yes, fathers promote this “patriarchal” idea of family and children, so… The Solstice is, historically speaking, very important; forever, it coincided with food production. Food, of course, now comes overpriced and under-nourishing from the grocery store. The activities of a few pagan heathens aside, the first day of summer is only another day to eat, drink, bloat, and enstupidate. Oh, I almost forgot: June 20th was also, thank you, United Nations, World Rapefugee Day. This is very important for the present collapse. Ask any retarded loser at FAUX News and they’ll tell you that we really, really, really need all the third-world problems we can get – just legally, please.

Some new holidays are more telling than others. Juneteenth is ostensibly the day that Africans in Amerika celebrate one of the dates that ended one form of slavery long, long ago. The fact that nobody had heard of this grandest of days until recently means nothing. Also, apparently meaningless is freedom itself, desegregation, civil rights, scores of trillions of dollars in reparations, a black(ish) president, and open season on Whites. Oddly, people not of Western origin don’t care at all about Western values like freedom and truth. They’re okay with electricity, air conditioning, and cheap booze – so long as someone else keeps it coming – but not so much with the concept of liberty coupled with attendant responsibility. So, when I saw, in jubilant photographs of Juneteenth celebrations, black males wearing “Free-ISH Since 1865” t-shirts, I understood. Enough will never be.

The négrophilie of the postmodern Amerikan idiot white liberal, a form of idolatry, helps explain the seeming acceptance of Juneteenth. It also goes a long way towards explaining the dismissal of crime rates, bastardy, drug use, intelligence differences, and cultural incompatibility. Acceptance = tolerance = evil. The time for addressing all of that was sometime between yesterday and 1865. Another ship sailed. 

Lest I forget, though doubtless the reader can do without another reminder, June is sodomite appreciation month – a time to celebrate faggotry, goofy dress, disease, death, anal prolapses, and rampant child molestation. The fact that we dare host such a month and the fact that every Fortune Five Hundred vampire proudly changes its logo to suit the occasion indicates that what little remained of the USA fell through the floor of Gomorrah some time ago.

Whereas good and true Americans, along with fat, dumb wannabes cling to some vague notions from the Declaration of 1776 (fraught with Enlightenment trappings as it was), the wicked, the debased, the extremely stupid, and the post-1965 hordes embrace the primitive degeneracy of [current year]. It’s always that way.

Though it was technically preceded by the Trump and “Biden” State Departments, Evanston, Illinois emerged as the poster child of the new dichotomy. It’s interesting, as the city in the “Land of Lincoln,” is still nominally sixty percent Heritage American. I suppose those Whites are representative of the new normal – craven, cowardly, and awaiting the sweet rest of self-imposed doom. It is unsurprising that the city fathers (and, one knows, the city mothers) voted to dispense with Independence Day this year. They’ll probably need a break by July anyway, having spent June celebrating the “pride” of strange men in strange attire leering at and clutching children in the streets. Juneteenth got the full treatment too, though it is unclear if they cherished the end of one form of slavery or the beginning of another. Odds are, unless you happen to happily reside in the backwoods of Montana or West Virginia, something similar has happened nearer to you.

So, what’s to be done? At this very late hour, nothing. The falling pebbles have become an avalanche and we can only await the settling of the dust. As a survival tactic, it would be of wondrous assistance for Heritage Americans, if they won’t name their adversaries, to at least name themselves, to terminate the foolish and false allegiance to civic nationalism. Your author suspects that most are unwilling or unable to do that. That will be their costly mistake and we will be better off without them. If we hold the course and keep the Faith, then someday our children’s children will be able to have a new day of genuine Western pride, appreciation, and thanks. What a glorious day it will be.