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I don’t want to jump the gun as I did when the initial, incomplete, and inaccurate video and reporting of the overdose death of George Floyd (RIP) came out. So, as to Kyle Rittenhouse, I’ve opted for the above conservative headline. I can amend it if need be. As-is, this looks like a clearcut case of self-defense and defense of civilization.

Mike Whitney wrote an excellent piece on the legal persecution at Unz:

In a video that has been widely circulated on the internet, Rittenhouse is seen running away from an angry group of protestors who trip him from behind and send him sprawling to the ground. While lying on the street, Rittenhouse quickly grabbed his assault rifle and shot an assailant who had hit him on the head with his skateboard. He then slowly rose to one knee and shot another attacker who was preparing to deliver a blow. The bloody clash scattered the other 15 or 20 potential assailants who quickly did a U-Turn and fled in the opposite direction.

As I can see it from afar, the only point of contention is the initial shooting of the first violent rioter, convicted child molester Rosenbaum (E.S.T?). Whitney alleges or states, as do others, that that shooting was also defensive in nature. There’s no doubt about the subsequent actions (also against convicted felons) as seen in the videos. If Rittenhouse illegally dispatched the pedo (irony in that, right?), then his overall legal standing might have changed. There’s probably a video of the pedo attacking and, thus, justifying his termination (again, as if any more justification is needed to rid the world of a pedo). It may be out there now and I haven’t seen it. Or, like the other Floyd videos, the Floyd autopsy report, and associated dispatch transcripts, “they” might be hiding anything that might exonerate Kyle.  That is what I suspect. And, unless and until I see more, this case is as clear as a bell.

None of this would have been necessary had police and officials in Kenosha, Minneapolis, and elsewhere done their jobs and repelled the savages before they started. It’s a shame the US doesn’t have a strong president who could take time away from boasting, babbling, debt spending, moving embassies, banned firearms accessories, and swearing in a wall of incompatible newcomers to do something helpful. Kyle, on the other hand, did the world a favor. Multiple favors, in fact.  For starters, he demonstrated how easy it is to disperse a violent mob. Drop the leaders and the pack flees. Tucker Carlson was right – it took a 17-year-old Zoomer to do what older men failed to do.

Sadly, or predictably, or even happily, this will spread. After Trump is re-elected, I foresee the war breaking wide open.

Let true justice prevail. Free Kyle Rittenhouse. He’ll be needed, perhaps as a defender or a leader in the future rebuilding of civilization.