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Easier if never goes on.

Eric Peters recounts the Corona-ified tale of a private school teacher who was dismissed because he refused to bow to the mask.

A teacher recently lost his job for refusing to Face Diaper as ordered by the Sickness Psychotics who run the school where he works. And for refusing to abide the Face Diapering of the kids in his school. As he put it in a letter, his job was to “teach, not terrorize” the kids in his care.

Which is precisely what it is to force kids to walk around with a Face Diaper on. Unlike adults, who can understand the sickness of this “pandemic” of manufactured hysteria, kids – the elementary school-age kids this man taught – are especially vulnerable to psychological damage caused by making them believe everyone’s going to die by making everyone wear a Face Diaper and thus live in terror of everyone.

This teacher refused to go along with it.

After his dismissal, this man was contacted by several parents disgusted by the treatment he received but who admired his taking a stand for himself, on principle – and for the sake of their kids. They pulled their kids out of school and will now homeschool – to be taught by this same teacher, Undiapered and unafraid. Their kids will not be Diapered or made afraid, either.

This was at a Montessori school too. The fear is everywhere. But, the parents, some of them, did the right thing. It’s funny, as explained in the article, the irony of a Montessori school mandating fascism. But, if you care about your kids, then you are responsible for educating them – and not allowing them to be terrorized by psychos and idiots. Many thanks to EP for sharing this!