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Herr Merkel makes the conceptual case she is the worst German Chancellor in history.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel has doubled down on her controversial open borders immigration policy, saying she would make “essentially the same decisions” if presented with similar circumstances to the 2015 migrant crisis.

Merkel was asked about the policy during her annual summer press conference in Berlin on Friday. “When people are standing at the German-Austrian border or the Hungarian-Austrian border, they have to be treated like human beings,” the German leader told journalists.

The politician added that European nations will face similar tough decisions for many years to come. “The subject of migration … is not finished. It will be a constant theme for the 21st century,” she said.

She is essentially a witch and deserving of a witch’s punishment. She would do it again even as the people strain under the “benefits” of the new diversity. But, she’s wrong: hardly a future constant, migration will be shut down soon in Europe. Not soon enough, but it’s coming. May justice come with it.