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It’s funny, in a horribly sad way. Yesterday, I was wrapping up yet another in my series of alternative escape nations – which is growing into something resembling a book and which I am told is a needed informational commodity. More on that later. But yesterday, for comparative purposes, I needed the approximate percentage of White People in the overall US population. I know it’s been falling year after year and so, based on an educated guess, I went with 60%. Then, last night, I found out that my guesses are as accurate as other people’s hard numbers; I read this.

Even this relatively small white population decline represents a significant demographic marker. First, if the data is confirmed in the full 2020 census, the 2010 to 2020 decade would be the first decade since the first census was taken in 1790 when the white population did not grow. White population gains in recent decades have grown smaller over time, from 11.2 million between 1970 and 1980 down to 2.8 million between 2000 and 2010. But a white population loss between 2010 and 2020 would be unprecedented.

Second, the Census Bureau was not projecting white population losses to occur until after 2024. This makes any national population growth even more reliant on other race and ethnic groups.

The white demographic decline is largely attributable to its older age structure when compared to other race and ethnic groups. This leads to fewer births and more deaths relative to its population size. In 2019, the white median age was 43.7, compared to 29.8 for Latinos or Hispanics, 34.6 for Black residents, 37.5 for Asian Americans, and 20.9 for persons identifying as two or more races. The new census estimates show that, in contrast to other groups, white Americans sustained a natural decrease (an excess of deaths over births) of 1,073,206 over the 2010 to 2019 period. The loss was partially attenuated by the net gain of 1,056,594 white immigrants.

While a white growth decline could be anticipated, it was accentuated in the past few years by a reduction of births among young adult white women (likely a delayed reaction to the Great Recession) and an uptick in deaths, perhaps associated with drug-related “deaths of despair.” Also, as with other race-ethnic groups, white immigration to the U.S. recently slowed. Thus, the projected decline in the white population occurred eight years earlier than census projections predicted, contributing to the lower growth in the total U.S. population.

Sixty percent and falling. Not only a statistical loss, but probably a total numeric loss as well. We’re making history, kids! And we’re doing so by not having kids. Convenient, eh? The wonders of the multi-cult: everyone else soars, we die “deaths of despair.” White privilege, some would label it. I’m not so sure. Therefore, I have redoubled my efforts to get any young literal Americans, who want to go, going towards a nation with a future. Look for another set of alternate countries as earlier as tomorrow. And, sooner or later – hey, I’d better do it sooner, I guess – I’ll get to what may happen to those of us left in the new Tower of Babel.

Until then, feel free to sort through the Census estimates. Next year’s release should be an eye-opener for those who can still see (and read). For those who can’t, well, there’s the despair thing.

In closing, I think we should dig up Emanuel Celler’s rotting corpse, stake it, decapitate it, burn it to ashes, mix the ashes with Holy Water, and dump the sludge in the deepest sea. I hereby declare the alien meddler the evilest man who ever set foot in North America. The Words of John 8:44 were directly squarely to him.