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Just Another Day

Happy Fourth of July to you. Feel free to celebrate the independence of the American Colonies from Great Britain. In fact, celebrate any ancient history you like. That’s what it is, a long-gone, distant memory. In a historical sense, for some of us, the Posterity of the Founding Generation, it is the day of independence – of our long-dead ancestors from a long-dead king. You should not, in any honesty, celebrate modern independence or freedom unless you live outside the US Empire.

Last year, I wrote, Only A Dictator Can Save America. That, as I mentioned, was and is a long-shot. But, there is something that can save the spirit and the People of the past Nation. It has nothing to do with continuing this ridiculous experiment in failure. Change is upon us. Two years ago, in a post-script, I wrote, “They say a house divided against itself cannot stand. We may soon find out.” We’re beginning to find out now, not in ten or more years, and it does not look good. How we manage the change and adapt will determine our outcomes. I’ve lately been pushing the idea of sending the young and innocent abroad to alternative civilizations. Soon, I’ll offer a few ideas for the Remnant. Redemption and improvement are only possible after acknowledging where we currently stand. 

A few facts about your “free” country:

  • Fear = Freedom! So say your idiot Surgeon General and the idiot Governor of Georgia. It’s not a mask, it’s an “instrument of freedom.” It’s always been this way. We’ve always been at war with Eastasia.
  • On August 8th, 1945, Immaculate Conception Cathedral in Nagasaki, Japan was the largest Christian Church in the Orient. On August 9th, it was the smallest. Your evil Empire is the only band of destroyers in history to ever drop an atomic bomb on a church. 
  • Your Empire is the leading sponsor of terrorism and war in the world today. No other country even comes close.
  • Everything your Empire has told you, all of your life, has been a calculated and sinister lie. You live in a giant, malicious hoax
  • The “leader” of your Empire currently has an international warrant out for his arrest for murder and terrorism, charges justified. 
  • Your vote doesn’t count. In November, elect anyone you choose. The results will be the same. You have, at long last, reached the fatal point where there are no legal or political solutions to your many, and generally self-imposed problems. 
  • Your Empire has turned over all financial value to a small, Luciferian crowd of alien banksters and looters, who have completely destroyed your economy and the future of your children. Your continent-spanning hoax is built on a thin web of fake paper debts.
  • The same class of alien grifters has also ruined your churches, schools, businesses, entertainments, media, peace, prosperity, and world standing and has greatly assisted “your” government in eviscerating your rights.
  • Since 1973, your wicked women, their debased male partners, and a satanic society have murdered over sixty-two million children. This is not the mark of a civilized or sane nation, nor of one that deserves to exist.
  • The American Nation is dead and has been for generations, buried under a tsunami of mass migration like the world has never seen before. Hearing this makes you uncomfortable as you have likely fully embraced the lie.
  • The Faith in God is removed from everything in the dead nation. Our churches have been blasted to oblivion much like that of Urakami. They abandoned the People as the People abandoned them; all abandoned Reason and Grace. For this reason especially, and in conjunction with all the foregoing reasons, the end of your country, Empire and all, rapidly speeds towards fruition. It isn’t coming. It’s in progress.
  • Celebrations – which you surely looked forward to, with the loud noises, flashing lights, and unhealthy foods – in your neck of the woods have probably been canceled this year in keeping with another stupid and transparent hoax, the irrational fear of a common chest cold, dangerous only to those already in poor health. Cancelations could be due also to the ongoing foolishness associated with the color revolution being waged, while you sit and do nothing, by a band of illiterate savages and communist agitators. You, happily if indirectly, support their efforts to erase Western Civilization. 

So, what do you have today? Fireworks and hotdogs? Antifa will probably handle the fireworks – aimed at the police, maybe you. Keeping that anti-social distance while mouthing the rhetoric of dead men who wouldn’t recognize the country you now live in? Are you prepping to sing along with the national anthem of another nation, the National BLM League, a little later this year? Posted your copy of the mooted Declaration or Muh Constitution yet? Getting good and drunk? Popping the dope like the lately-canonized Geo. Floyd? I’m just asking these things. Go ahead and have a swell time. Just realize that much of the festivity of today – if any is allowed this year – is hollow.

However, if you happen to be a genuine American, one of the proud, the Faithful, and the honest, then you do have reason to celebrate today. And, every day. But, it has nothing to do with failed efforts, misplaced trust, and yellowed parchments. It has to do with hope for a better tomorrow. The days after this one are coming whether we would have them or not. It’s our task to make the most of them so that someday, perhaps after we are gone, our Posterity may rightly celebrate their independence and freedom. We do have our work cut out for us. Let’s do it.