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Hello and welcome to our eighth anniversary here at this highly respected web log. The obligatory linking of the original post:

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Yes, I was so proud that I did one more entry and then took eight months off, followed by two years of intermittent attention. The stride was found and hit hard in 2015. But, it did develop eventually.

This year has been a little … what’s the word? A little slow. Then again, this is the year that America went utterly insane, right? It’s funny, but January and February (especially January) were strong. Then, the bottom fell out, reaching a low in April and May. With other projects working to one degree or another, with other plans floating around, and with the fiction calling louder every day, there came a brief moment when I considered halting new posts and possibly even scraping the whole thing. But…

I’m still kind of proud of this little corner of the web. Things continue to develop. And, I foresee yet more to come. My outside columns will continue and hopefully I’ll have some major news about that part later in the summer!

Thanks for being along for the ride. More mad ravings dead ahead.


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