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Uh-oh. If you’ve been following my tour of central and eastern Europe, and you’d like to escape before they start hunting you for sport, then I’d recommend doing so immediately. Otherwise, you may have to wait.

European Union countries rushing to revive their economies and reopen their borders after months of coronavirus restrictions are prepared to block Americans from entering because the United States has failed to control the scourge, according to draft lists of acceptable travelers seen by The New York Times.

The most dangerous (and inconvenient) chest cold in history. I assume this only applies to Americans and that “women and children” “refugees” “fleeing war and oppression” and “coming to strengthen the EU” will still be welcome in France, Germany, England, and Sweden with open checkbooks and bared throats.

PS: The great tour will continue, travel ban or no, right here, maybe as soon as later this week. Next stop: Hungary!