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Let’s get all this straight. The Confederacy failed and thereby, allegedly, the questions of secession, independence and freedom were settled once and for all. The CIA-backed lapdog media and the satanic pols, this week, tossed around descriptions like “lost cause,” “treason,” and “traitors” to describe what happened 155 years ago. Meanwhile, their useful idiots tear down every monument to and memory of the valiant South (and anything else white they can get their paws on).

But now!!! Now, it’s perfectly okay for communists, hippies, and domestic terrorists to seize part of a major city for their own drug abuse, child molestation, and looting needs. The police politely bow out of the way, the Governor is silent, and your bloated “tough guy” Orange Man tweets stupidly as usual.

Is this the way it’s going to be? Is this, like the Hoax, the new normal? And, if so, when can We declare open the Second Republic of The Confederate States of America? Think of it as a big, nation-sized peaceful protest.*

*Founders: do remember the good stuff at Shreveport and Kings Bay.