I advised leaving the monuments to Western Civilization alone. Irrational and hateful actions still have consequences.

PORTSMOUTH, Va. — The sister of a man who was hit by a Confederate soldier statue said Thursday that doctors put him into a coma as they treated him.

Medics took Chris Greene to Sentara Norfolk General Hospital Wednesday night. He was at a protest at the Confederate monument in Olde Towne Portsmouth when people starting tearing it apart. At one point in the night, some of the people pulled down the statue which landed on Green.

One inanimate object did more to fight back against the legions of hell than all the police and useless Republicans in the whole country. The heathens have plans to rip down the Washington Monument in DC. At 555 feet and thousands of tons, imagine how much of the rabble it could take out.

Nothing is safe. They hate anything Confederate, American, or white – and, apparently, most other things. They vandalized Churchhill’s statue on D-Day. They’ve even designated PAW PATROL as “racist.” There’s no way anyone other than a statue could reason with these cretins – it’s on their mental level.

PS: Here’s to hoping Mr. Greene makes a full and speedy recovery and that he learns something from the experience. He just might. There is no such hope for the failed GOP.