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The Judeo-Christian heirs of Biblical and Messianic protestation in Amerika cuck extra hard on the “original sin” of slavery in America, colonial and republican.

Perhaps the country is not ready to make reparations. But the history of racial injustice demands personal and corporate response. Perhaps the church can lead the way in biblical restitution. I am aware of one “Zacchaeus fund” in Atlanta, where Christians who believe that African Americans have been subjected to four centuries of injustice and plunder are beginning to do their humble part to make it right. A majority-black committee assigns the funds to support rising black leaders in the church and in the marketplace. It will not be enough, but it will be something. What if there were Zacchaeus funds in every city and believers gave sacrificially, so our brothers and sisters could be restored and so our neighbors could see once again the Christlike love that overcame the world?

It will never be enough, but I’m convinced. In a week or two, maybe after a few years, I’m going to free my slaves. The time has come. In our emancipated parting, I plan to share with them the actionable ideas of Marcus Garvey. Should any of them decide to stick around  – and, Lord, why would they? – then I plan to present something I call “Civil Rights,” maybe as some sort of Act. If all goes well, perhaps in 150 years or so, one of them might even be elected as Amerika’s first African-American President. I see hope and change this way.

This Bible-lawyering drivel from the same sad sacks that just, not too long ago, said that attending worship services was “unwise and perhaps reckless.” You know, because of a hoax … and their complete lack of Faith.

Maybe I’m all wrong about these anti-Christian heretics. Maybe this is only phase one. Next, might they read and acknowledge the entire Bible (all the books)? And, possibly start following them? Then, might they similarly browbeat the Synagogues for the slave shipping, the Mosques for the slave trading, and the various nations of Africa for the original slave gatherings? Might… No, of course not. They serve their master well.