Long time, no cigar review.

Knowing that cigars are healthy in general, I asked, back on March 25th: “Wouldn’t all those terrible carcinogenic chemicals in the fragrant cigar smoke kill the invisible enemy?” The answer appears to be “yes.”

The study suggests nicotine potentially blocks the virus from attaching to cells. Doctors had noticed a low number of smokers among patients being treated for the coronavirus, which was not statistically proportionate.

Anyway, last night, in honor of the ongoing insanity, I broke out a Diamond Crown MAXIMUS by JC Newman.


One of the best-looking bands in the business. Off of my Number 4 Toro.

And, in keeping with the advice of French researchers (and because I wanted to do so), I smoked it.


Outside, of course, so the wafting smoke could benefit as many potential hoax victims as possible.

Per my long-standing policy against a formal rating system, I’ll just say it was darn good!

Well, maybe I can do a little better. How’s this?

  • Environment: 65-68° F, slightest breeze, mild-moderate humidity (aka, perfect)
  • Accompaniment: Sam Adams Boston Lager, followed by water
  • Appearance: superb
  • Construction: superb
  • Draw: Perfect (an old-school case of a premium product feeling tight under the finger, only due to proper wrapping and without any air transfer or smoke production issues)
  • Burn: straight, even, slow, with a solid ash
  • Body: medium-full
  • Strength: medium-strong and very smooth
  • Taste: Super pleasant and utterly consistent from start to finish; notes of leather, cedar, very mild spicing, and with no hint of Corona…
  • Non-rating rating: A+, 95/100, great, worth the money, highly recommended, etc.

If you have to be locked under house arrest, might I advise enjoying an hour or two with this Dominican delight? Maximum hysteria calls for MAXIMUS response.

Is this a return of the regular cigar posting? Probably not. We, around here, just don’t hit ’em like we used to (which makes it so much better when we do).