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The Sunshine State plots a return to the same old routine, with a few hoax-friendly twists:

With campuses closed, schools still have served millions of meals. Why are so many families lining up for the free food?

Not that this has anything to do with education, but it’s because their nation and economy have been destroyed.

A ‘safe, memorable environment.’ That’s the goal for Okaloosa County high school graduations — whenever they might be, the Northwest Florida Daily News reports. • Manatee High students and families demand a graduation under the school’s stadium lights and, apparently, they’ll get one, the Bradenton Herald reports.


About those calls to loosen university testing deadlines. Chancellor Marshall Criser says he’s working on it, the Independent Alligator reports.

Loose standards if you believe it.

Teaching tolerance. Schools work on their diversity lessons as fears rise about the potential for hate crimes, the Villages Daily Sun reports.

Oops, religion in school! Diversianity rides again – because one can never tolerate enough BS.