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Yes, another one in the same week!

Shelter in Place or the Terrorists Economy Virus Wins

First, the good news: Guess who is the owner of 18 brand new and hopefully unused rolls of toilet paper? That’s right. This guy! Ah, the simple pleasures of good old apocalyptic ‘Murica. As an added benefit, I received the eternal blessing of staying saaaaaaaaafe from every mask-clad woman I encountered at Publix. I had found some excess cash which I had hidden away for future vices. So, upon making off with Mr. Whipple’s delight and before returning to the bunker, I sought to entertain myself with a burger from a local eatery. They were closed, as was the I-talian joint, the gym, the rec center, the library, the bar, the other bar, and even the cigar lounge. Friends, when the cigar club shuts down, we have a problem.

You might not have heard, but America is experiencing what may be the largest, most lethal health event in recorded human history. The media is intentionally obscuring the numbers. This year alone – from January 1 until today – the death toll is closing in on 200,000! Those poor souls add to the 60 million tiny babies already wantonly murdered in this dead nation since 1973. It’s not just an atrocity, it’s a genocide, a holocaust. Never forget? Never again? This being a crime crying out to Heaven for vengeance, we might expect God to act, like with a plague or something. For now, we have to settle for an economic depression.

The warnings and observations of Dr. Todd Vispoli are coming true as each new day passes. It’s almost like he, or rather, the pen behind him, is prophetic. The idiots in Washington are moving mountains to gin up trillions of dollars in alleged remediation for the financial calamity wrought by those same idiots and the very same usurious thieves they plan to give the money to. Orange Man blasphemes about a “resurrection” by Easter (when the churches will still be closed, I imagine). Interest on short-term Treasuries dipped well below zero in a display of the actual value of the currency (of which there will soon be at least $6 Trillion more). Viral unemployment benefits and fake tax rebates start to look a whole lot like universal basic income. The Federal Reserve is set to receive new and greater powers to issue more “digital currency” from their crystal ball of doom. All of the irresponsible, anti-American, globalist-minded corporations and otherwise bankrupt industries cue up like hogs at the trough.