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And, you have.

Just the other week, my avatars, Tom Ironsides and Todd Vispoli (neither of which is me, by the way) discussed the real crisis behind the ridiculous Corona Chan false flag and hoax. Todd said: ‘The funds rate is already effectively below zero, and it has been for some time. All the idiot pundits say, “you can’t go lower than zero,” but that’s just another one of their lies. Of course, you can go lower. The Europeans are below zero.’

Now, US Treasuries are too.

Yields on both the one-month and three-month Treasury bills dipped below zero Wednesday, a week and a half after the Federal Reserve cuts its benchmark rate to near-zero and as investors have flocked to the safety of fixed income amid general market turmoil.

It was the first time that happened in 4½ years, when both bills briefly flashed red and yields fell to minus-0.002% each. The readings Wednesday were well below those.

This comes while the criminals in DC scramble to give away even more value to the masters of usury. (But hey! You’ll get $1200 or something). This, while Americans hide in their homes, leaving only to run around in masks and fight each other for toilet paper. What the rate drop means in real terms is that when you buy a short-term bond and loan the Empire your money, you have to pay them to take your money. That means your money is … worthless. Think about it (if that’s possible anymore) like this: if you have something valuable around the house – gold, timber, stamp collection, etc. – then people will pay you for the privilege of taking it for themselves. On the other hand, you have to pay to have worthless or dangerous things removed from your home – like black mold or toxic waste in the soil.

Extrapolating further, to Wall Street, the relative worthlessness of the cash means that it takes more of it to buy things, like stocks. Thus, the prices of the stocks rise, driving a false sense of prosperity in the DOW. But, as soon as the bailout cash is spent (tomorrow), we’re back to square one and a lack of true value. Those at the top of the chain (the banksters) reap the greatest rewards. The rest pay the price.

A few related questions:

If all non-essential offices are supposed to be closed, then how the hell is Congress open?

If you get $1200 “free” from Uncle Sucker, but there is no toilet paper available to purchase, do you use the fiat to wipe your ass?

If Washington can afford to part with Trillion$ in giveaway cash, then why do we have to continue to pay taxes?

Is a combination of Chloroquine and UV radiation effective against usury and tyranny?

We need answers.