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Yes! Gun fans, we have, after too long a pause, another Second Amendment article. Today’s ramble was motivated by one of the most irresponsible and alarming comments heard, maybe ever, in the left’s long war on freedom in the New World. Today, we explore the hypothetical intersection of American gun enthusiasts and nuclear weapons. It’s an improbable discussion. Then again, we live in improbable times.

A while back I laid to rest (so I then thought) any concern over the “nuclear option” concerning private firearms ownership. Little did I know that the subject would charge back into the national discourse with deadly potential.

As ridiculous as it sounds, the highest level of gun control hysteria the commies and globos can mount is the utterly irrational fear that, given an unrestricted right to keep and bear arms, American citizens will resort to the ownership and use of nuclear weapons. Yes, really. I’ve actually encountered that grade-A brand of stupidity live and in person – on a college campus if you’ll believe it. I heard it again, via this video: