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… one of the alarmed Mad Marxist Marchers asks, “If I can get an AR-15 what’s to stop me from getting a nuclear weapon?” Okay, I haven’t heard that one in a while. But I have heard it. I was asked the same thing about five years ago when I participated in a 2A panel at a college event.

The answers are several but, mostly simply, it’s: “price.” Price, you idiot. Nukes are too damned expensive for just about anyone this side of a nation-state to afford. My sources tell me that a single nuclear bomb, not including delivery system, prices out at around $200 Million. And that’s for an entity that already has a production system in place. A freelance warhead would range into the Billion$$.

I know these people are somewhat poor in the math skills department. So here’s the juxtaposition: AR-15: $500-$1,000-ish; Nuclear bomb: $200,000,000 – $5,000,000,000-ish. You see, if the Soros Fund or some similar riotous inciter pays you $15 per hour to show up for a protest, then after a few protests you could afford the AR. At that rate it would take over 13 million hours to buy the cheapest nuke. That’s over 6,000 working years, just a few more than most people can live to expect. Sorry that I couldn’t find a cartoon or pictorial or something.

And that price structure assumes a totally free market with no legal restrictions on WMDs. We kind of have the opposite of that. Given those who could potentially afford such weapons, that might actually be a good thing. All of this assumes one of extraordinary wealth could assemble a willing team of those experts required to build the bomb. It assumes one could locate the rather rare and pricey materials. It assumes a lot. Too much. It’s a non-starter.

Maybe, instead of chasing phantoms of utter ridiculous mania, these people could concentrate on the smaller and simpler aspects of life – like NOT trashing the areas where they protest. Their rights, not yours. Your responsibilities, not theirs.


Take out the trash! And those signs.

Back to the nukes and the precious, all-knowing, all-giving Nations, maybe they’re not the best owners of such devices themselves. Only two nuclear bombs have ever been used in open warfare. I can’t recall, just now, who that was dropping them. Anyway, they were used to unnecessarily kill a whole bunch of civilians. Who marched for those lives?

And for about 40 years the US, USSR, Britain, France, and China went test happy with those very expensive assault-style bombs. Some scientists suggest the corresponding increase in world cancer rates might not have been coincidental. Hmmm.

Maybe running to the government for solutions isn’t the best idea. Sometimes, and not just in the sky over Japan, the government is least worthy of trust. Frequently the state is in bed with the very criminals the grabbers should be blaming for terrorism and mass shootings. Two years ago, after Omar Mateen struck a blow for Jihad in Orlando, I suggested his family had a history of involvement in state terror schemes.

Now, we have hard proof of that, courtesy of the “Justice” Department.

So, in brief: stop worrying about what can’t exist; stop attacking freedom; stop worshipping the state, and; clean up your acts!