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Remember that sage advice, given back in the days when Christian sensibilities were under assault in America? Someone wore some hideous or blasphemous slogan on a t-shirt. Avert your eyes. Someone screamed the most debased obscenities imaginable. Avert your ears. The left said free speech had to be protected at all costs, especially outrageous and unpopular speech. And just about any display counted as “speech.” Remember those days?

They’re over. Gone.

A charlatan penned an op-ed for Fake News Network attacking the First Amendment and some American high school boys (bullies love the easy targets, huh?):

A recent incident in Wisconsin, though, is an unsettling reminder that free speech for white supremacy doesn’t necessarily have the intended effect: protecting other kinds of expression. A photo surfaced in mid-November of Baraboo High School boys giving an apparent Nazi salute before their junior prom on the Sauk County Courthouse steps. The Wisconsin school board recently ruled that they could not discipline the students involved because their salute was speech protected by the First Amendment.

Free speech purists claim that Nazi speech must be defended because it is especially controversial, and protecting it therefore also protects less controversial expression. But the school reaction to the Baraboo photo suggests this is not true.

Speech by white people is often seen as unobjectionable, no matter what its content; who you are is more important than what you say. Defending the speech of white kids doesn’t necessarily protect the speech of marginalized people, just as All Lives Matter in a racist society does not in fact mean that Black Lives Matter. Racism is built on inequality and disproportion; you can’t confront it by pretending that we’re all in this together when we manifestly are not.

In fact, in practice free speech for Nazis is often itself a threat to free speech for everyone else, because Nazis use their freedom to violently suppress their opponents. Giving free speech to fascists to rally can reasonably be expected to curtail the free speech rights of other people, which means that organizations like the ACLU, and judges, need to balance interests, rather than just treating free speech for fascists as in itself increasing free speech.

Next, he’ll try to sell us on some speech background checks and databases, speech permits, waiting periods, and general “common sense speech control.”

Nobody likes a Nazi, not the handful of actual relics, unaware of the utter failings of their leftist religion, nor the idiot LARPERs of the alt reich. (Speaking of them … the author’s picture kinda resembles some of their cartoons, IMHO). But, then again, nobody likes communist scum much either. Kissing cousins, those two.

Vox Day was right (again). The free speech movement of the last century was about nothing but weakening Christianity and Western society. That same society the author says has “a racist history and a racist present.” Maybe, in a bid to gift us a better future, he could just avert his eyes or ears and shut the hell up. Or, better yet, get out.