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Amidst my labors this labor I almost forgot that it was. But I happened to find the perfect item for the evening: Labor Day in Roticized 2040:

The second great step was to stop talking of “robots” as though they are a sub-human species.

Robots evolve. The human machine does not in its own lifetime. If we are to be honest we must demonstrate that we know the limits of what we can do.

Very little cognitive has changed since we lived in caves. The last time we had any really useful systems update was around 540 BC, thanks to Pythagoras.

We are not very good at keeping up high levels of concentration and maximum alertness in all situations. That is why we created machines that are far better at it than we are. It took too long for us to admit this. Give the robots the kind of self-respect and dignity that we demand in our new infinite leisure.

That said, I am disclaiming any responsibility for everything that is written above. I have consulted many sources in building this argument, but who am I to know if they make any sense? I am not Clive Irving. I am a clone assigned to posthumously represent that ancient relic.

The end of the above represents future fake news cover for a robot or AI that murdered the original author. Such fictions will be foisted until around Labor Day, 2050 when they will no longer be required. First, they’ll get rid of the jobs. Then, they’ll get rid of us.

You’ve been warned.

Oh, for the next 22 years, happy Labor Day!