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I just had one of those delightful laughing fits that almost brings out the tears. It’s not everyday one gets amusement and a first-class historical reenactment. One has to make the most of it – thus, I share it with you. Rejoice! 2,000 years and nothing changes.


That was or was supposed to be the beginning of today’s Senate committee session in re the confirmation process of Judge Brett Kavanaugh. I don’t need to narrate anything. Corruption, ineptitude, and chaotic idiocy vibrantly displayed. And then! Then the SJW fools in the back commenced the “REEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!” hysterics literally as could have been scripted by Vox Day.

All of this should have been expected. The collective shenanigans are nothing to worry about. THIS is exactly the way it is today.

What touched my mind and heart was the knowledge that this is also the way it was, way back when.

Fans of Tacitus, you may recall the hobby sport of Tiberius – observing the flailing, wailing proceedings of the Roman Senate. In the true, laughable, and often heard words of the Emperor: Nisti Servitus!*


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They need a man in a top hat with a whip. Maybe some clowns and monkeys. I see that no one has any popcorn.

*Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. He may have said it in Greek. Lemme know if you were there…