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First, limping along with the news at FP:


And, a welcome of sorts to the wonderful readers over at The Piedmont Chronicles:

A few remain hidden but the YT editor tells me that last one is No. 100. Wow…

Additional thought of the day: Reverse Mortgages:


Tom Selleck is hawking reverse mortgages, equity loans aimed at seniors. He says older Americans are woefully under-saved (they are) and the solution is a loan on the equity! Why not?! These things have been around a while. And all that while I’ve thought the smelled funny.

Without much research, my gut reaction is that this is a terrible idea. It might be helpful to some at times, but it looks like, feels like the end of the debt-ification game. Literally, the banksters grab up the last of the assets, issuing new debt in its place. Cannot be a good idea for the economy as a whole: ownership only by the financial elite only benefits the financial elite. Beware.