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So, last week we examined some claims of coming leftist violence in America. For a Republican, Mo Brooks is looking more and more like a prophet.

California Antifa Pushes Lynching, Military Actions, Maoist Violence

An antifa group in Los Angeles celebrated May Day by holding a small march, hanging a Trump effigy, and advocating for “revolutionary violence” against the “capitalist state” in order to “create real political power.”

“We must carry out military actions against the enemies of the people!” a member of the L.A. cell of the Red Guards said in a speech published on the group’s blog.

The Red Guards is a Maoist group that hopes to duplicate in the United States the anarchy and terror Chairman Mao’s Red Guards inflicted on China during the Cultural Revolution of the 1960s and 1970s. The group also identifies as “antifascist” and has cells throughout the United States.

So progressive. Peacefull. Logical!

Mao is the number one mass murderer of all time, 50-80 million, depending on how it’s tallied. One may wonder what the LA Reds have in mind for us.

Thank God for guns!


Is it Mao or Lenin??? PJM.