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Sun Tzu famously said, “Every battle is won before it’s ever fought.” Few would dispute the general.

And so it may be that the robot wars, not quite yet underway, may already be decided. Let’s hope there is a robot exception to the general martial rule.

When I was a child there was a comic book, which I sometimes read, called Magnus, Robot Fighter. Titular character Magnus – you guessed it – fought robots, in the 41st century. It was harmless fun, then.

Now we know the timing was about 2,000 years off. Word came the other day that one of Boston Dynamic’s DARPA darlings has been redesigned to fight off pesky humans. In a test the dog-like bot battled a man for entry through a door and won. The man was unarmed and was likely no Magnus. That was yesterday.

Today a scientist warns near future bots will need special control chips in order to prevent them from wantonly murdering people, door disputes or not. Maybe it’ll be like psych meds for droids. So encouraging.

The US physicist outlined the evolution of robots in future, but it’s absolutely terrifying.

He believes robots will eventually become so advanced they run the risk of replacing the human race.

And to stop them having “murderous thoughts” before killing us, humans will need to act fast and chip them with preventive technology.

Okay, my sources are The Star and a defunct 70’s comic book. But one can see where this is going.


Magnus, Gold Key.