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Last fall, following the shooting in Las Vegas (which I think we were supposed to forget happened), a class action lawsuit was filed against a maker of bump stocks, Slide Fire.

The Complaint is HERE. I didn’t follow the case and won’t. Originally I figured it would go nowhere; now it’s a moot point. The suit was filed immediately in a case that still consists of nothing but unanswered questions. No investigative report. Multiple narrative changes. Adamant ISIS declarations. And admonishment from the FBI that it may be a year before anything is known factually (if ever).

Anyway, again, it no longer matters.

Yesterday, in the wake of the Florida high school shooting, President Donald John Trump directed AG Sessions to administratively ban the devices – which were not used in the Florida shooting. More from the Daily Mail.

President Donald Trump called on politicians on both sides of the aisle to back stronger background checks for prospective gun owners on Tuesday.

‘Whether we are Republican or Democrat, we must now focus on strengthening Background Checks!’ the president tweeted.

Hours earlier, Trump took action to outlaw bump stocks like the one used in the Las Vegas massacre last fall.

‘I signed a memorandum directing the Attorney General to propose regulations to ban all devices that turn legal weapons into machine guns,’ Trump said in the wake of a Florida massacre in which the killer did not use such a device.

His push for stricter gun controls comes after thousands of students and parents have called on his administration to implement changes to prevent future mass shootings.

Sell. Out.

This isn’t merely an affront to the Second Amendment, it’s an APA-driven assault on the Article One legislative authority of Congress. I suppose none of this matters at this rather late hour.

Nothing to address the rapidly declining culture. Nothing about the schools themselves. Nothing about the constant link between the shootings and psychotropic medication. Nothing about the massive failure of existing laws and law enforcement. Nothing about the illegality of most of those existing laws. Nothing. A feel good measure that doesn’t even feel good. And won’t help anyone.

Since he took office last year I’ve been trying to give Trump the benefit of the doubt. That ends now.

You get what you vote for. Congratulations.

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