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Jimmy Carter is right about the oligarchy angle but there is more:

Former President Jimmy Carter offered a damning indictment of U.S. foreign policy and domestic affairs Tuesday, saying money in politics makes the nation more like an “oligarchy than a democracy” and casting President Donald Trump as a disappointment on the world stage.

Carter’s criticisms, offered at his annual presentation to backers of his post-presidency Carter Center in Atlanta, went beyond Trump, but he was particularly critical of the nation’s direction under the Republican president’s leadership.

The 39th president, a Democrat, offered this advice to the 45th: “Keep the peace, promote human rights and tell the truth.”

Carter’s insisting on peace, human rights, and truth shows just how long he’s been away from Washington. It’s as bad as Rand ranting about the Constitution and the Senate actually doing its job. Sad.

Just one example:

Proof of Oligarchy: Trump pushes DACA, Wall can Wait.

Proof of Ochlocracy: Appeased by Football and fake Economic Numbers, MAGAers Overlook DACA/Wall.

Donald Trump, Mike Pence, Chuck Schumer

Just because you’re not in The Big Club doesn’t mean you won’t support it. Talking Points.