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Vox Day commented on Theresa May’s comments about last night’s attack: (My reactions in red);

While it beats the usual “diversity is stronger than hate” ritual, the UK Prime Minister’s new anti-terrorism program falls well short of one with any chance of success:

‘We cannot and must not pretend things can continue as they are. Things need to change and they need to change in four important ways.’

Defeating the extreme Islamist ideology to make them understand ‘pluralistic British values’ are superior

Ending the ‘safe space’ online for the plotting of terror attacks

Continuing military action against ISIS terrorists in Iraq and Syria

Tougher prison sentences at home for terrorist offences

First, the problem is not “the extreme Islamist ideology”, the problem is Islam. Period. The West will continue to suffer these attacks so long as Muslims are permitted to reside in the West. There is a reason why Western nations periodically expelled troublesome minorities, and they will have to do so again if they prefer peaceful societies to diverse ones. The West will either embrace Reconquista 2.0 or it will cease to exist.

Amen. The pot itself is now melting.

Second, pluralistic British values are not only not superior, they are not even coherent. “Pluralistic values” is a self-contradiction.

Yes. The “native” values never differed that much at all, as to nearly seem identical to the non-British, from Nottingham to Wales to Scotland. E Pluribus Unum. Multi de Bellum.

Third, the problem is not safe spaces online, but the safe spaces in the West. It’s very difficult to commit an attack in London or Manchester if you reside in Libya and your travel is banned. Not so tough if you reside in Bradford.

I thought May’s attack on socials was as stupid as Kathy Griffin’s attack on “old white men.” It’s not Farcebook and the Twits, Mrs. May; it’s you and your policies.

Fourth, fighting them there instead of here hasn’t worked since 2001. It’s not going to work in 2017 either. Military action against Islam is needed in the UK, Europe, and the USA, not in Iraq and Syria.

As I noted last night, as always, Iraq and Syria (et al) do not matter. Bombing there does nothing except create more “refugees.”

Fifth, imprisoning terrorists has historically proven counterproductive everywhere from Egypt to Germany. It usually leads to more terrorist attacks and hostage-taking. Even simple deportation is probably preferable. And the prospect of prison is not likely to dissuade suicide bombers. Only severe reprisals will suffice to do that.

The leaders of the West are still shirking their duties. They’re trying to win a war without fighting it. That is why new leadership is required. And that is why the God-Emperor should now declare martial law and imprison the judges who are illegally attempting to tie his hands.

A slight disagreement, here. The “leaders” aren’t just shirking responsibilities – they are actively adding to the problem. Trump has ancient precedent to round up dissenters, to include judges and members of Congress, but he will not do it. He won’t even stop the enemy from Taqiya-ing in the street in front of his home. The same goes for May. Instead I foresee some more pointless missile strikes in the near future in the usual pointless places.


On Farcebook I’ve seen people echoing Trump’s sentiment that the courts need to “give us back our rights.” That’s not going to happen and it shouldn’t be expected or welcomed – completely the wrong mindset. The Constitution is dead and gone and the rules you whoop to follow are all rigged against you.

They’re also wondering how much worse this all has to get before the masses look up from the idiot boxes. I would say “much worse” but I just have no real idea; TeeVee is a powerful drug.

Finally, if Theresa May is still in denial, some Britons are not. This morning I received excellent ideas from the UK on what to do. “Want would Winston do?” More on that later.


Puff, puff, bang, bang.