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My friend, Graydon Brown, has taken a good concept to new heights in Georgia’s second city. He has Apathy Town’s newest (and only) brewery cranking out some of the coolest and most innovative craft beers in America. Brown, the Texan master with over 30 years experience, knows what he’s going and it shows. He also knows cigars.

Check out Savannah River Brewing

I just sampled a few brews to include the IPA and the Brown Ale. Here is the Savannah River IPA, a cool but stout 7% ABV with an incredible distinctive flavor:


A lighter beer that pairs surprisingly well with a cigar!

After a few years of dawdling, pre-Graydon, the company is now in full swing. I suspect distribution is their main focus. I can’t really recommend a visit: sure it has to be nice but I won’t tell anyone to enter the deserted industrial zone ‘tween the ghettos in Southern Detroit. Of course, if you’re there, do stop in. I can recommend, however, trying to find these micros at better shops and bars near you. Right now that is limited to GA and SC (and I fear not even the good parts) but I would imagine the range will grow rapidly.

If you enjoy beer with actual taste, then these are right up your alley. They might even convert a few yellow water drinkers.

“Deep South High Hops.” “Bring it on Home.” Please do.