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And I had so wanted to either cap the evening with a tale about the beautiful, blonde and based French woman I met at the gym this morning or one about my friend’s incredible new craft beers. No.

No. No. No. No. No. No.

ISIS. Terror. London. Dead. Wounded. War. Defeat. Death. Civilization crumbling. Again and again and again and again.


(Sorry about that…). Now:

I’m not posting any links with this one – maybe the one coming this Thursday but not this one. Here’s some Drudge:


You’d have to live under a rock on Mars not to know at least a little about what is unfolding in London tonight/this morning. And I’m not sure I can say any more or anything new that I haven’t already typed a dozen times.

A few thoughts:

1. Islam and radical Islamic terrorists are enemies of the West. Not our only enemies but perhaps the most visible; they are: here, active, deadly, and damned-near unopposed. If you can’t grasp that at this point, then you’d best get back under your rock.

2. All of our political leaders are worse than useless. All of them – May, Trump, Merkel, Macron, etc. Treason!

3. Donald Trump, this evening, admitted defeat:


We need a leader who will ban the terrorists and then ban the judges and anyone else who gets in the way. A few more bombs in Syria, Afghanistan, and Yemen won’t help London, Paris, or New York. All my optimism has left the Trump Train. And, while we’re at it, May Day!

4. As such, there are no political solutions – yet. One hopes a second Charles Martel is out there somewhere but we haven’t seen him so far.

5. The British government armed their police even as they disarmed the public. Coincidence? No.

6. The armed police tell the unarmed masses stupid shit like this:


Where ya going to run to? These are coordinated attacks (plural – more than one). You run from one right into another. Hide? These bastards like that. They get to play hide and seek with you. Then they get to use their deer knives with a rousing “Aloha Snackbar!” And who exactly will you tell? THEY, none of them, give a damn.

You, my dear civilized friends, are on your own. Might I suggest, instead of “Run, Hide, Tell”:




It is now time to turn the tables. And the barrels. Maybe a few fuel trucks.

7. How bad is it now? London is an ultra-modern metropolis with the most state-of-the-art security apparatus on Earth. That city and all of England is already on red alert, condition critical, attacks imminent, the highest possible level of alertness. And it does nothing.

The bobbies and the rifles of the Met were already backed up by 5,000 army soldiers. Now, the SAS is deployed in the city center. For the tattoos, television, and Budweiser crowd in the U.S.: “SAS” stands for “Special Air Service.” This is the most elite special forces group in the UK. Because of the (entirely predictable) possibility of events like this, 2 squads are stationed in the capital at all times – no word as to whether they are all completely mobilized tonight.

For the shit-stupid, see-no-evil, dullards in Plato’s electronic cave, this is tantamount to Navy Seals being deployed to NYC after an attack. In other words, this is about as serious as it can get without breaking out the Polaria.

8. Candles, vigils, Farcebook flags, thoughts and prayers, etc. are useless.

9. If you dare to use this event as another excuse to excuse Islamic terrorism and berate whites, Christians, and natives as Nazis, mean-spirited, haters, Islamophobic, xenophobic, racist, and “the real problem,” then you are the problem. You, the sympathizer, are just as bad and just as guilty as the actual terrorists.

10. There are other, more institutional enablers of this Satanic garbage. They must be annihilated along with the Jihadi scum. Not bannished, not punished – annihilated.

11. This is going to keep getting worse. Much worse.

12. Finally, please look at our people in the following picture: rudderless, leaderless, and clueless. They are also victims: scared, fleeing, panicked. This is beyond pitiful and reprehensible.


Y’all run, hide, and tell…. The Telegraph.

I probably won’t be able to say more about this one due to the imminent approach of the next attack(s). Until then…