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There is (or was) a trend in American jurisprudence to show deference to foreign legal precedents. Prior to the 21st Century this was limited almost entirely to decisions under English Common Law; occasionally a Court would site some archaic principle from ancient Greco-Roman-Anglo tradition. Then, liberals decided to open things up, scouring the globe for any shred of justification for dismantling U.S. laws and freedoms.

Here’s one new high court decision from Europe they might be slow to embrace:

Europe’s top court has ruled that European Union member states aren’t obliged to grant humanitarian visas to people who want to enter their territory to apply for asylum.

The decision announced Tuesday came after a Belgian court in October ordered the government to give humanitarian visas to a family in war-torn Syria.

The European Court of Justice ruled that allowing people to choose where to get international protection would undermine the EU system establishing which country should handle asylum applications.

It said that EU law only lays out the procedures and conditions for issuing visas to transit through or stay on the territory of a member state for up to 90 days.

But the Luxembourg-based court said member state courts remain free to rule on visas under national law.

Europe is under literal siege from hordes of “refugees” – mostly fighting-aged men fleeing to better welfare and criminal opportunities. Even the dullest of the globalist cabal begin to see there is a terrible problem brewing.

Even Angela Merkel and her gaggle of anti-Western autocrats realized, in 2015, they were making a terrible mistake allowing in so many unassimilable third-worlders. Yet they feared denials would violate E.U. laws. Their former fears were very justified, the latter turned out to be completely fictional.

Compare and contrast the ECJ’s ruling to the recent rank stupidity from the Ninth Circuit:

…the Executive Order’s effect on their faculty and students who
are nationals of the seven affected countries. These students
and faculty cannot travel for research, academic
collaboration, or for personal reasons, and their families
abroad cannot visit. Some have been stranded outside the
country, unable to return to the universities at all.

The Ninth essentially said, “To hell with law and order, Mohammed has a right to learn a faster way to synthesize TATP while his family lives on the dole. So eat it, America!”

Granted, things are a little worse in Europe, now, than in America. Still, in order to build diverse inclusivity and other liberal, talking point, buzz phrases, Trump should challenge the Ninth to be more open to international law. Be trendy, be hip, and block the invasion before we turn into Germany.


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