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In their infinite wisdom, the Dwimmerlaik of the Ninth Circuit decried the horrific effects of Trump’s Executive Order on immigration, No. 13769:

Specifically, the States allege that the teaching and
research missions of their universities are harmed by the
Executive Order’s effect on their faculty and students who
are nationals of the seven affected countries. These students
and faculty cannot travel for research, academic
collaboration, or for personal reasons, and their families
abroad cannot visit. Some have been stranded outside the
country, unable to return to the universities at all. The
schools cannot consider attractive student candidates and
cannot hire faculty from the seven affected countries, which
they have done in the past.

State of Washington v. Trump, 17-35105, Slip at 10 (9th Circus, 2017).

Meanwhile, in France, police arrested four terrorists who plotted domestic bombings and general mayhem cultural enrichment (Allahu Akbar!). The four included a 16-year-old girl. Odds are these four hailed from one or more of the countries on Trump’s list. If not, then the list should be expanded.

Here’s the rub: instead of slinking into Montpellier, these four oppressed individuals should have invaded Washington State. There they could have enjoyed substantially similar welfare benefits. And, there, they would have been protected by the wise Ninth as faculty, students, or researchers. TATP 101? Machete Tactics 1100? A graduate seminar in Quantitative Analysis of the Societal and Socio-Religious Effects of Heavy Delivery Truck Homicide (Allahu Akbar!) on the Aging Infidel Populations of Suicidal Geriatric Secular Populations?

An armed French soldier patrols at the esplanade of La Defense, in the financial and business district in La Defense, west of Paris

French soldier oppresses scholarly minorities. Sky News.

None of this can happen now. I expect violent “protests” to commence within the hour. Is it too late yet to grant Visas to these four scholars? The diversity and benefits they could add to our Western society would be every bit as charming as those exhibited by the Somali genius, Abdul Artan, formerly of THE Ohio State University.

Of course, if Trump’s ban is allowed to stand, the likes of Artan will surely vanish from our Universities – a loss almost too terrible to contemplate.

I’ll leave you to weep and gnash teeth.