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I repeat do Not mess with Ivan Throne. The author of The Nine Laws (which you should buy, now) is not to be trifled with. Watch the following video. Pay close attention around 00:55.

Ha! Ha! Ha! Take that commie scum!

One will note that at or around 00:55, one of the black-clad, communist, neo-hippie “protesters” deliberately drops a black flag into Ivan’s face. This constitutes simple battery under CO law. The police are right there yet they do nothing. They cannot in these situations. Their primary job is to preserve overall order and to defend the given location – in this case the Colorado State Capitol.

The unwashed destroyers get used to this immunity. They act on it, smug and secure from arrest and consequence. They also know most “normal” people won’t or can’t do anything to stop them.

Ivan isn’t “normal”.

Ivan is a legitimate, trained, practicing Ninja.


He makes mention of that fact, casually, in The Nine Laws. I read his book and raved about it. Still, I calculate. While his insights lend credence to everything the man says, in the back of my mind something subtely questioned the Ninjitsu claims.

I have nearly 30 years of experience in Tae Kwon Do, Karate, boxing, kick-boxing, and various combatives. I can generally tell when someone is BS-ing. Nothing Ivan ever wrote caused me definitive doubt. But, still, I have never seen him inaction nor seen any authority or documentation.

I, now, have no doubts whatsoever. His smooth, powerful, and effortless sweep was the result of professional training and extreme skill. He whipped the flag down, yanked it away (with strength and authority), and handed it off to a cop – all in one instant movement. And he never broke his concentration on the larger event. Also, he only did what was necessary to break the attack; there was no need to follow-up retaliatory action. (Which I know he could have delivered with instant devastation). That was amazing.

This movement was almost too fast to see. Watch again if you have to.

One also notes that, confronted with that level of force, the Antifa scum did … absolutely nothing! Those fools, not quite as stupid as they might seem, knew immediately they were in the presence of something beyond their feeble control.

Ivan shattered their immunity and their smugness. They did not escalate and they did not dare repeat their mistake. Some likely didn’t have time to notice. They went on with … whatever the hell uselessness they were doing.

Two tried to burn small “Trump” flags. Much like the 2016, anti-Trump, anti-white “protest” in Athens, GA, this gesture was beyond pathetic. What kind of protester can’t properly burn a flag?! I am ashamed of my dear leftists.

Do mind that these losers were not the worst the left has to offer. They were not nearly as dangerous as some. They were: few in number, utterly inept, out in daylight, and right in front of a line of officers. A different crowd, at night, could be considerably more worrisome.

However, take this lesson to heart: never give in! Do not, under any circumstances, be intimidated by bullies, thugs, and idiots. The slightest and swiftest resistance defeats them. Always.

Many, many thanks to Ivan for this demonstration. If you don’t follow The Dark Triad Man, you should.

If you’ll excuse me, I need to watch the video once more. I need a good laugh.